Before the move to Connecticut to become a rock-jock on I-95, I chased my passion to become a folk-rock artist in a group called 'Sunup.'

In 1973 after I graduated from Ithaca College my singer/songwriter friend, Garry Manuel asked me if I would be interested in teaming up to put an acoustic trio together that plays original tunes and some covers with plans to eventually hit the recording studio. We embarked on a six year journey chasing fame and fortune as we hit the road, playing clubs, coffee-houses, colleges, and even opening shows for Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt, Johnny Winter, and Jimmy Cliff.

Truth be told, fame and fortune never found us, but the camaraderie, the musical passion, Jay's clam chowder at 3 in the morning, my wife Mindy, and a chance to record a special handful of Garry's original songs did find us. The first tune on 'Passion & Politics' is titled, 'Come On In' recorded at PCI Recording Studios in Rochester, NY in 1975. Our recording engineer was Mick Guzauski who actually went on to fame and fortune working with Chuck Mangione, Earth, Wind, and Fire, Eric Clapton, Madonna, and Talking Heads. Garry takes lead vocal on this one with me and a talented singer/songwriter, Dee Carstensen on back-up vocals. Hope you enjoy the tune!

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