Whether it's real animals, fictional cartoon animals or even animals we like to eat, the Ethan and Lou Show does some of it's best work while discussing the furry friends and foes of Planet Earth. These are some of our favorite animal segments of all time. Excellent news about these segments if you have a short attention span, all of them are one minute or less.

First up is my Donald Duck doing illicit drugs impression and it's a huge hit on any dance floor.

When a Florida man had to defend his dog Loki from an alligator attack it had me thinking that there are no safe spaces from dinosaurs in Florida, not even on a golf course. Florida, you say!?

Ethan and I are not hunters of any kind, not that there is anything wrong with the practice, we just don't do it. Every year, when any hunting season opens we have absurd conversations about hunting based on zero knowledge. This was one of our better and more ill informed segments about hunting.

When we learned that there was a Virginia woman who is a beaver enthusiast and had collected over 1,000 pieces of beaver memorabilia it brought the best/worst out of us.

Anyone who listens to the Ethan and Lou Show on a regular basis knows that I am ripe with offbeat business ideas. This one turned out to be maybe my dumbest business idea yet, unless of course we can convince Michael McDonald to be our celebrity endorser, that could change the game.

My hope for a post COVID world is to up our animal material in a big way. I can't say too much about this but let's say we've had discussions with people about getting exotic animals live in the studio to feature on our Facebook live shows. That is going to be a big hairy ass deal if we can pull it off.

Ethan and Lou, scandals and animals.

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