You don't have to go far to find many conspiracy theories related to COVID-19. Some of them make for interesting conversation, and others are absurd. According to Alliance for Science, some of the theories include:

  • The virus escaped from a Chinese lab
  • Bill Gates is to blame
  • COVID-19 was developed as a biological weapon

We did a deep dive on the subject on the Ethan and Lou Morning Show Thursday morning (4/23/20).

My concern about 5G has less to do with COVID-19, and more to do with the commercial I keep seeing that it says it's not as good as 4G. How is that possible when it's a full G more? These are indeed scary times we are living in if someone can just claim an extra G that does nothing.

Would it surprise me to learn that a country (maybe ours) developed the disease as a biological weapon? No, it would not. Would it stun me to learn that sanctioned/unsanctioned DNA manipulation was the cause? That would not come as a surprise either. However, I'd rather place our attention and energy into fixing the problem first and later we can investigate and place blame.

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