Ethan Carey is my morning show partner on the Ethan and Lou radio show for those who don't know. Ethan is a Jewish man and I am a Catholic man, however, I always have been curious about the Seder. I have wanted to celebrate Passover with him for years. Tonight is my chance, and he has given me the green light.

Now, it is my understanding that there is a long reading that needs to be done before we can touch the food. This is problem #1 for me.

I am thinking I might institute an alternative set of rules tonight that will allow me to eat and drink from the get go. How to do that is the question. I would imagine that if I brought irresistible foods, I stand the best chance at making this happen and not offending anyone.

I can and will bring antipasto.

That is the way to go. No one can resist fresh mozzarella and cured Italian meats -- that is the route I need to go for the food. Now onto the booze.

I was thinking wine, but I don't know enough about it to get it just right. So I'll go right to the mother of all boozes, and bring a fat bottle of Jack Daniel's. We can read whatever you want as long as my belly is full and the drinks are flowing.

DISCLAIMER - I asked Ethan if I could write about this before I moved forward with it. This is no way is meant to offend anyone of any religion but rather to point out some interesting cultural differences. I am not actually invited to Passover. I would not go even if I was invited, because it would interfere with me watching a rock-block of Law & Order SVU on Netflix. To all of my Jewish friends, I say, "Chag Sameach," and to my Catholic friends, I will see you at St. Peter's on Sunday.


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