Does your friend, parent, husband, wife, or a music critic have any right to tell you your taste in music sucks?

Since 1972, I've been apologizing for saying that singer/songwriter, Dan Fogelberg, is one of my top 3 favorite artists. Here are what some insensitive idiots have said to me over the years: "Why do you listen to chick music?" "How can you stand that wimpy shit?" and one of my all-time favorites, "Dude, where's your vagina?" 

Steely Dan - Frazer Harrison

Individuals who take it upon themselves to attempt to school you in the "rights" and "wrongs" of your musical choices are nippleheads. I've always said that there is NO right or wrong when it comes to music. You like what you like, as it should be. I've always had an intense passion for music. I love to sing it, play it, and listen to it, but not every genre. I'm not a huge fan of classical music or opera. Loud heavy rock is like nails on a chalkboard. The music that speaks to me are the artists and songs included in my iTunes playlists that I sing along to and blast in the car.

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I admit it, I'm a granola rocker. Give me CSN, Cat Stevens, Billy Joel, and Joni Mitchell anytime, plus I enjoy Smooth Jazz to relax. The artists and tunes I've grown to love are driven by the music I grew up listening to in the '60s and early '70s. Music speaks to me through the lyrics, melody, harmonies, and if it happens to spark an emotion.

I take great offense with so-called "music critics," especially in Rolling Stone Magazine, who have taken it upon themselves to let us know what 10 albums we should be listening to. That's just pure bulls--t! For what it's worth, these are my 6 favorite artists, not necessarily in order:

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