Would you agree that this whole 'Stay Home, Stay Safe' is beginning to wear a little thin even though we all know it must be done?

If I had to name the one thing that's driving the two of us crazy about 'Stay Home, Stay Safe'  is the fact that Mindy and I can't play with or hug our grandkids. Mindy and Bradley began to build her Lego Ferris Wheel together before the virus got nasty and then promised she wouldn't finish the project until, what the kids call the 'Bad Flu' goes away. Believe me, whenever we Skype with the kids, Bradley will vehemently remind her of that promise.


Not being able to interact with the two of them is absolute torture. Bradley and Winter have entered their formative years. Bradley is six and is talking non-stop just like his dad used to do at that age. Winter just turned 3 in December, and her cuteness factor, personality, and vocabulary continues to blossom


I'm pretty sure most grandparents would agree that whenever you think you know all that love is, along come the grandchildren! Matt and Kelly are great about letting us Skype with the kids but it's certainly not the same as cuddle time. I could go on forever but I would really like to know what you miss the most about not being able to socialize during the 'Stay Home, Stay Safe' protocol. Please drop me a comment.


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