This morning (6/1/20) on the Ethan and Lou Show the 90's movie "Wild Things" came up. There is a famous sex scene in the movie with three people, the actors Matt Dillon, Denise Richards and Neve Campbell all hook up in the scene and Denise Richards character bares her breasts.

Denise is now a cast member on the Bravo reality show "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" and according to the Sun she revealed in a recent episode that she originally negotiated to show only one nipple in the film. She says after some back and forth negotiation "but it went to two."

This is a fascinating behind the scenes look into nipple negotiations in Hollywood. I bet when you negotiated your last contract at work there was no language pertaining to how many nipples you would show but in Hollywood this is a thing.

We discussed this Denise Richards nipple business on the Ethan and Lou Morning Show and it led to a hypothetical question, would Ethan bare his nipples for a film and here is his startling answer.

If anyone else on the Planet we call Earth had answered this question the way Ethan did to me this morning, I'd call B.S. I've known the guy a long time and I'm certain he means what he says here. This elevates the intrigue surrounding his nipples in a major way. What's going on under his shirt? Maybe he is trying to protect us all from a beauty we can't fathom? Maybe seeing his majestic nipples is just too much for the human brain?

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