We do the 10 Best XMAS movies of all time every year. Tastes change, so positions on the list follow. I think this is our best one yet:

#10 - How the Grinch Stole Christmas - Originally, it was a book published in 1957. It was adapted for film in 1966 with Boris Karloff as the voice. It still makes me happy after so many years. As I get older though, I find myself rooting for the Grinch to win more and more.

#9 - A Christmas Story - Released in 1983, this movie has delighted fans each and every year since. When I tell people I have never seen this movie all the way through, they get angry at me. I think that's a fair reaction, it's a classic. I'm an idiot and this year, I am going to watch the whole thing at 38 years old.

#8 - Bad Santa - This 2003 movie stars Billy Bob Thornton as the worst Santa Claus ever. Santa hates everything and everyone, and it's just plain funny. This is not for the kids, just in case you crawled out from under a rock. THIS CLIP FEATURES PROFANITY. PLAY IT AT YOUR OWN RISK:

#7 - Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer - This movie first aired Sunday, December 6, 1964 on NBC. It's a classic, no question. If the P.C. police get their hands on this one we may not have it for long. There are messages throughout that may hurt feelings. So get it while you can.

#6 - The Ref - This 1994 movie stars Denis Leary as a pro thief who invades a CT home and things just go bad all the way around. It's SO funny. Chef recommends. DISCLAIMER - PROFANITY IN THE CLIP

#5 - It's a Wonderful Life - (1946) - Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed star in this classic. Not just an all time Christmas great, but an all time great period.

#4 - Home Alone 2 - This 1992 film was a sequel that DID NOT disappoint. There are times I actually think it's better than the original because of the N.Y.C. setting but that looks funny even writing it. The original is almost always better.

#3 - Home Alone - Home Alone was written by American treasure John Hughes and released in 1990. Macaulay Culkin stars, playing Kevin Mcallister who is fittingly left Home Alone.

#2 -A Charlie Brown Christmas - Based off the Peanuts comic strip, "A Charlie Brown Christmas" was released in 1965. I think everyone gets nostalgic the minute this comes on screen.

#1 - Christmas Vacation - Warner Brothers put out this movie in 1989. It stars Chevy Chase and was written by John Hughes. If you have not seen it, you are a sick person and need medical attention ASAP. It's the funniest XMAS movie of all time and every character is relate-able.

Merry Christmas you filthy animals.


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