I certainly held out hope that Yale University would do the right thing.

Two days ago, I shared this piece of news about Yale University, Bill Cosby, and Honorary Degrees. When I wrote, "Yale To Review Honorary Degree Policy, Is Bill Cosby The Reason?" I hoped for the best, and prayed the corporation that runs the degree program, along with the university, would do the right thing. They have. Here's the story.

News was just released by yaledailynews.com confirming that Yale University is rescinding the honorary degree it gave to comedian Bill Cosby in 2003 following his conviction on sexual assault charges. The decision on May 1st marks the first time in more than 300 years of existence that Yale rescinded an honorary degree.
University spokesman Tom Conroy told yaledailynews.com that the Corporation, which is the group that oversees the honorary degrees, made their decision based on a court record that provided “clear and convincing evidence” that Cosby’s conduct violated Yale’s standards of decency. Conroy said:

Yale is committed to both the elimination of sexual misconduct and the adherence to due process. We reaffirm that commitment with our action today

I know this decision by Yale, and other universities that have already revoked honorary degrees from Cosby, doesn't change the horrors that his victims endured. But I have to believe the validation still encourages them.


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