Empire of the Incas, one of Danbury's most popular and colorful eateries, sits at 241 Main Street, thanks to owner David Aliaga. Mr. Aliaga is the proud owner of the most popular Peruvian restaurant in the city.

According to an article on the website thehour.com, his eatery is so popular that his takeout customers will sometimes double park out front to pick up the restaurant's signature chicken dish,  Pollo a la Brasa.

Even though David is thrilled that his customers love his melt-in-your-mouth chicken entrée, he's afraid those customers might get a double parking ticket.

Pollo a la Brasa - Facebook
Pollo a la Brasa - Facebook

He decided to alleviate the problem by giving the Pollo a la Brasa a place of its own across the street at 274 Main St. and named it Po-Yo. Opening day is scheduled for Monday, April 25.

That will be the day his signature rotisserie chicken dish will be removed from the Empire of the Incas menu. And will only be available across the street at his new Po-Yo eatery, along with other menu selections such as tacos, quesadillas, and beer on tap.

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Last year, the personal-finance website, WalletHub, named Danbury the tenth most diverse city in America, and the restaurant names in downtown Danbury tell the story. The following are just five of the many ethnic restaurants in Danbury.

    1. La Mitad del Mundo - 275 Main Street
    2. Empire of the Incas - 241 Main Street
    3. Los Andes Restaurant - 33 Crosby St.
    4. Agave - 15 Backus Ave.
    5. Minas Carne & Deli - 36 Osbourne St.

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