An eighth noose has been found. Is this a white supremacist message? Or maybe just a small group of morons looking to impress their friends and get a rise out of Connecticut residents?

It began in late April when a noose was found at the ginormous construction site where Amazon is building a new warehouse in Windsor, as reported by the Hartford Courant.

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Since then, six other nooses have been discovered, and just recently, an eighth noose has appeared, and now Amazon has shut down the worksite fearing for people's safety.

The President of the Connecticut NAACP, Scot X. Esdaile, told the Hartford Courant, "This is a serious, white supremacist message being sent to our community. It's sick, and it's unacceptable." 

Photo by Joshua Clay on Unsplash
Photo by Joshua Clay on Unsplash

Amazon has offered a $100,000 reward that leads to the individual or group of people responsible for the arrest and conviction of the individual or group of people. Local police, the FBI, and state police are also investigating. It's unfathomable that racism still exists in our modern world.

I can't figure out why millions of white Americans still feel superior to any human being who doesn't look like them. But, after digging deep to understand the reason(s), I found out that one of the main causes is children with racist parents.

Sometimes I can't help but think how unfortunate it will be if my grandkids and great-grandkids still have to deal with racism in their world.

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