Way back in 1990, I bought a sweet Blaupunkt receiver, an amp, Alpine speakers, and a Bazooka Bass Tube for my 89 VW Golf at B&C Car Stereo at 1101 Main Street in Watertown. God I loved driving that car with the music blasting. I presently drive thru Watertown in Subaru with pathetic stock speakers, my how the mighty and deaf have fallen. The great news is that B&C is still there on Main Street, all these years later. I respect that. It started me thinking about how lucky we are that there are still some mad electrical geniuses that can turn your Honda CR-V into a rolling wall of sound.

There's nothing like feeling the bass from a car three lanes over, I love it. There are a few of us out there that still want to make our ears ring from the sweet sounds of our music. I gathered a list of a few car stereo installation and customization places that I know, have heard good things about, and have been recommended from past customers. If you're in the market to scare old people with your voodoo sounds as you roll by, check these places out, and make sure you call before you go. Business hours may have changed due to the pandemic.

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The Car Stereo Magic makers of Connecticut


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