As venues continue to find workarounds to allow a safe space for entertainment, the concept of Drive-In concerts is gaining traction.

The first Drive-In concert was in Denmark at the beginning of the month.and sold out 500 cars worth of space in minutes. Now, a New Hampshire concert venue has taken the concept to the U.S. The Tupelo Music Hall in Derry, NH has announced a series of drive-in concerts. Their first concerts happened over the weekend with Country artist Jimmy Lehoux, and they also sold out both shows. Future shows at the New Hampshire venue include some friends of ours, like former Utopia bassist and solo artist Kasim Sultan, guitarist Gary Hoey, and Beatles-inspired power pop band The Weeklings.

The way it works is that your $75 ticket gets you two parking spaces, one for your car and one for the adjacent space to allow for social distancing. It is not intended for tailgating or mingling, and walking around to visit friends is discouraged. The venue's liquor license does not allow for outside sales and you can't bring your own booze either. Lower cars will be parked in the front rows and bigger vehicles in the back to attempt to give everyone a decent view. There is a big PA set up and the shows are also broadcast to your car on a low-powered FM signal.

If Drive-through concerts were to happen in Connecticut, would you go? I think I would, at least once to check it out. Obviously you would need a venue with a giant parking lot and understanding neighbors. But the New Hampshire venue seems to have come up with a well-thought out plan that allows music fans to get back to seeing live music.

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