Andrew Luck's retirement was no doubt surprising to the NFL community and fans alike. The reaction of some, to the retirement makes us all look bad. I know that many people will read this and go to the same old knee jerk, playbook comments. They'll say he signed up for it, they will say he makes millions.

I would counter that by saying if he signed up for it, he can check out when he wants. I would also say that a person making a decision regarding their health has nothing to do with the money they make.

Andrew Luck retired because his body could not take the unusual beating of an NFL season one more time. This is a physical toll most human beings could not imagine. Those of us who never played NFL football (almost everyone on Earth) have no right to say he should do it again.

He retired on Saturday and I am just writing about this now because I thought the story would settle down and we could move onto the part where we look back on his career and appreciate the athlete that he was. That hasn't happened, instead there have been pundits and fans alike saying one thing dumber than the next.

Stupid Doug Gottleib tweeted this:

Troy Aikman thankfully fired back at that nonsense with this:  

I've always hated Doug, he's an ass clown with boring opinions. I can only guess that this was his attempt to be edgy and it comes off as stupid so I'm glad a guy that played in the NFL called him on it.  These kinds of garbage opinions by fans and talking heads has been everywhere since Saturday. Most of the people who do this kind of things are internet trolls who do this all the time but some are people who pretend to actually care about football.  If you really cared about football, you'd be able to appreciate a guy who played with a punctured kidney. Andrew Luck was never my favorite player, in fact I never liked him but I respect him and the way he played the game. He played like a warrior and he has every right to leave whenever he wants. 

P.S. Doug Gottlieb sucks at softball and is a bit of a cry baby about it. The first time I played in the Bernie Williams Charity Softball game at the Ridgefield Playhouse, Doug was on Bernie's team. Doug went 0-for-THE DAY and throws a softball like it's a pineapple. I know he played college basketball, so I'm not sure how it's even possible that an athlete of that caliber can throw a ball like he's using someone else's limb.  Here's my quote Doug: "Throwing a baseball the way you do is oh so millennial." Doug won't remember me so I'll just tell you DOUG that I was the dude that went 4-4 and had the walk off hit to win the game and beat your team. 

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