According to WFLA, 20-year-old Alexis Williams of St. Petersburgh, FL was arrested Wednesday and charged with one count of video voyeurism and one count of video voyeurism dissemination. Police say Williams, a nursing home employee, filmed two residents having sex without their knowledge and shared it on Snapchat in August. The two alleged victims were a 59-year-old man and an 81-year-old woman.

This story comes fresh out of Pinellas County Florida. Florida, you say?

The woman worked for the senior living facility called Bristol Court Assisted Living Facility. She worked there -- you read that right. She was one of the people hired to care for these folks. That's an 81-year-old woman and a 59-year-old man. Yep, what would have been a really gross story is now the grossest story of all time.

It seems that there is a systemic judgement problem here, so let's look at all the players:

  • You have the facility who hired a 20-year-old girl who is allegedly capable of such a weird and terrible crime.
  • You have the woman, herself, who sees two seniors humping, and her first reaction is to film it. She then watches it and thinks, "Yes, I will send this to my friends because they will want to see it." (ALLEGEDLY)
  • You have the 59-year-old man with the 81-year-old woman. Bro, what are you thinking? You're barely a senior.
  • Then there is me. I read the story, shared it on my radio show, and blogged about it. What was I thinking?

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