Get ready football fans cause the Manning's are not done tearing football a new one. Peyton and Eli's nephew is named Arch Manning and he's supposed to be an all world stud. He's in 8th grade and is the varsity QB for Newman in New Orleans. He made his debut last week and threw three TD's.

Where is he on my draft board right now? THE TOP, HE'S AT THE TOP. The Manning's do the quarterback position better than any other family and it's not even close. The only problem is there is zero chance the kid would play for my favorite team, the Oakland Raiders. Archie would not allow him to play for a second rate organization like that. We all know no one manipulates the draft like Archie Manning.

Who is in charge of the NFL? Roger Goodell? We all know that's not true. Archie is the head of the football Illuminati.

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