Friggin' China! Every time I turn around there they are giving me a stomach ache with worrisome news. What now? According to the NY Post they want to build a farm in space. Specifically, they want to build a solar farm in space.

Yep, China wants to harness the suns energy. They say a space based solar plant is better than an Earth based solar plant. Number one you don't have weather considerations and number two it would allow the solar farm to be in direct sunlight around the clock.

No big deal, just a sworn enemy of the United States states gathering up the power of the sun. I'm sure they will be super responsible with that type of energy. If this information does not scare you it's probably because you are not familiar with the power of the sun. Just so you know, in just 15 minutes the sun produces as much energy as people use in all forms in a year. So yeah, kind of a big deal.

Lemme tell you something, keep your eye on China. I take that back, you have a busy life, keep one eye on China. I'll fix both of mine on China, two eyes, staring in the direction of China at all times, that will be my life going forward.

P.S. I have some good news. Trump wants to create a "Space Force." What Trump and China don't know is that we have one already. There have been men in this country, working in secret for decades to keep us first in space. They just won't tell you about it. Take that JINA.

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