According to the NY Post Chris Christie met with President Donald Trump last night and insiders are saying he's a front runner to be the next White House Chief of Staff. Christie, former NJ Governor has always had a tough reputation but that rep has taken some very public hits in recent years.

There was "Bridge-Gate":

Christie is alleged to have ordered lane closures of the GWB as retaliation against a mayor who did not endorse him. Two Christie Associates even got prison time for their role in the closures.

Then the "Rubio Debate-Gate":

Christie was beat up for being mean to Marco Rubio during a Presidential debate.

And finally "Beach-Gate":

Christie criticized for going to the beach when state beaches in NJ were shut because of a budget crisis.

And there was this:

And who could forget this?:

Get your popcorn, this guy knows how to get em' talkin'.

P.S. Overuse of "gate" intentional. Not everything is Watergate but it's just so much easier to do that than to use scandal once and break out the thesaurus for the next 50.



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