In an interview with "This Morning" Don Johnson talked about the possibility of a Miami Vice Reboot. When asked about the possibility Johnson said:

"We're kicking around some thoughts, amazingly enough it's come back around and it seems they've run out of ideas for good shows." 

When asked if he would be a part of a reboot if he was approached he said:

"Maybe, a lot of water left to row but we'll see." 

We learned a lot right there, we found out Don Johnson knows that there are no good ideas left, the reboot is in the works and he plans on holding them up for every last dollar to be part of a reboot.

Love it, take my money, let's go. Miami Vice was an important part of my childhood. For better or worse I watched the show every week right along side the adults in my family and I loved every minute of it. Watching Crockett and Tubbs get in and out of trouble was a great joy of mine. Plus the show featured two of my other favorite people; Edward James Olmos and Glenn Frey. Miami Vice reboot? Yes sir mam and don't dare change the theme song.

Here is the full interview Johnson did with "This Morning."

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