There's never a good time for a house fire, but around this time of year it can be even more devastating, especially when the family pet goes missing.

That's what happened this past Sunday night as the New Fairfield Fire Department responded to a house fire on Jeremy Drive.

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Fortunately no one was seriously injured, however two of the residents of the home and one firefighter were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries, but the family dog, 5-year-old Phoebe has been missing since the fire.

Both the New Fairfield Fire Department, and the Squantz Engine Company posted about the missing dog on their Facebook pages.

According to, the dog's owner, indicated that the home was thoroughly searched and no potential remains had been found.

The family of the missing pooch seem to think she got scared and fled the scene when the fire broke out.

If anyone has seen Phoebe, or may know of her whereabouts, they should contact the family immediately at 203-470-2169, or get in touch with New Fairfield-Sherman Animal Control at 203-746-2925.  The family would also like those who may see the dog to keep in mind that she is a shy dog, and probably very stressed, so do not to call her by name or run after her because it may get her spooked and she may then run off.

As for the family displaced by the fire, the Red Cross is providing much needed assistance, and a family friend has set up a Go-Fund-Me page to try and raise $10,000 dollars to help the family recover after this tragedy. As it says on the Go-Fund-Me post, "New Fairfield is known as a town that helps our fellow neighbors and supports each other during times of need."

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