Early next week, there's a possibility that Hurricane Jose will power up and head our way.

According to weather.com, accuweather.com, and CNN weather, Hurricane Jose could make a run for the East Coast sometime between mid to late next week. Right now, Jose is taking a bit of a break in the Atlantic as it hangs around in the Bermuda Triangle. Forecasters are predicting that Jose will ramp itself up next week as it heads northwest near the eastern seaboard and then make a soft right and continue out to sea.

Weather Guy, Steve Turk, is the dude I turn to when I'm looking for a semi-accurate forecast, because he's usually right on the money most of the time. Around eight hours ago, this is what Steve Turk was predicting:

There's a good chance that Jose gets close enough next week to send big swells, high tides, and dangerous rip currents onto our beaches from the central Jersey shores up to the coast of Massachusetts.

Does this mean we have to worry about another Hurricane Sandy? Not really, say most meteorologists. The path of Hurricane Jose and how it will affect the northern Atlantic Coast really can't be predicted accurately until after the weekend when forecasters take a look at the latest satellite imagery.

For updates on the path of Hurricane Jose, my recommendation would be to click on the National Hurricane Center at noaa.gov.

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