Tim Tebow went 0-3 yesterday in his first spring training game for the Mets. While I have been rooting for the guy I knew this was a long shot. It was not even a big deal that he was invited to play in the split squad game in my opinion. I mean Billy Crystal and Garth Brooks have at bats in spring training games. The fact that he did go 0-3 though probably means that dream is dead. He is not going to get many more chances to prove he has big league stuff, which he does not.

What was the story with this guy being black balled from the NFL in the first place? I realize he is a human circus but a positive one. Most NFL rosters have 4 or 5 guys that are a huge locker room and media distraction and for all the wrong reasons. So why not him?

If it is about his record as an NFL starter, let's look at it. He has as many playoff wins as Tony Romo who will be the most sought after veteran QB this off season. He of course ended up losing to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in the playoffs but almost every NFL quarterback has that on their resume. He went 8-5 overall as Denver's starting quarterback in 2011 after taking over for Kyle Orton in week 7.

Almost any other quarterback not named Tebow would have had many more chances to get a starting job after that. he did not. He went to the Jets who never gave him a shot, the Patriots who let's be honest is like knowing for sure you will never play and the Eagles who gave him no shot to start. After that he could not even get a gig as a backup QB.

You mean to tell me the Jets should not look at him again? What the hell do they have to lose? The Bills don't need a QB? Are the Bears confident Matt Barkley is the new savior? Do the Jags think Bortles is the future? So many teams could give him a shot to go into camp and compete. Here's a few others for instance: Browns, Rams and Texans.

No one works harder than Tim Tebow and certainly no one in the NFL is more positive and team oriented. Get the guy off the diamond and back on the football field where he belongs.

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