"Chiefin'" as described by the Urban Dictionary is described as "smokin' lots of weed." This is not like me at all, not my thing. So, why would Ethan think that I was "chiefin'?" Let's go to the videotape:

This video looks bad but in fairness to me it was a foggy morning and the front door was open, plus this would never hold up in a court of law. Furthermore, it's enough already, mine and Ethan's acting chops have gone unnoticed or underappreciated for sometime and it's time for the call for Tinseltown.

Martin Scorcese, James Cameron, Hollywood, we await your call, act fast. I am willing to do terrible popcorn films, art house shorts, independent films where I have to grow a beard, you name it, we are down, plus I grow an amazing beard.

You should also know we shot each frame in one take, did this at 4:45 am, didn't wear makeup and we don't make outrageous personal demands. We are tailor made for your next project. Call my agent, his name is me.


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