Pumpkin Spice has turned the spice industry on it's ear, it's what's known as a "game changer." On the hit ABC television show "Shark Tank" they would categorize pumpkin spice as a disruptive innovation. It shakes the market up in such a way that the market can never be the same again.

A "To Die For" recipe does not exist in my word, I'm not dying over a recipe, not going to happen. I'm also angry for no reason and hate what most people love. That should not stop me from using my voice to get you access to a recipe that may kill you (to die for). I did some research before I decided to crowd source the question. I Google'd it but I don't trust the internet people, I don't know them but I know many of you.

Let's do this, let the pumpkin spice, recipe war begin. You share them, we all use them, we get twisted on pumpkin spice and all report back to one another, GO! Just go easy on the cinnamon or you will end up like GloZelle here.

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