Ernest Borgnine certainly is not the WORST name in the world, but I don't think many people would say they wanted it to be their name. Abe Vigoda also comes to mind.  They just are bad names. 

At some point you have to imagine it crossed their minds. I've always liked my name, but I know people who hate their name.

In fact this morning our intern Marjorie was saying she used to hate her name. I think everyone would like to change something that was out of their control about their life.  Their name, the town they were born into, maybe their family or something about their looks.

I would personally change the size of my enormous head. We went to the go-cart track, and had to try on helmets. Yellow was the biggest and I was the only one with a yellow helmet on. You can't fix an enormous dome, but you can however change your name.

We wanna help you out.

Tomorrow on the Ethan & Lou show if you don't like your name we want to hear about it.  We will ask you questions to get a sense of your personality and assign you a new name.

Tomorrow check in with us from 5:30am-10am on 95.1FM or listen online at


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