I'm not making any political statement when I tell you I could not care less what Melania Trump wore to Texas. I just don't care.

Now, if she wore a "Hello Kitty" backpack, some Daisy Dukes, and a t-shirt that said "Slovenians Do It Better", I might react differently.

This reaction is simply an overreaction from people who will bag on anything the Trumps do because they don't like them. This is where we are politically. Everyone just waits for any excuse to fight.

I personally would not wear the tallest heels I could find to tour mass devastation, but I don't think it's in any way disrespectful. It is, to me, impressive that anyone could walk in high heels. I don't know how the ladies do it, and those heels are the highest heels I have ever seen.

Let's all breathe and scream at each other when it matters. Cue the political trolls reading between the lines.

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