A very exciting, eye opening, and wicked cool event is rolling into, or should I say, strolling into Downtown Danbury. Don't miss out.

Our cities and towns are our lifeline to adventure and entertainment. Grab hold of the cool opportunities that surround you. And just in case you missed the memo about this one, the DisH Liv(ing) Walking Tour returns to the streets of downtown Danbury.

DisH Liv(ing) equals Downtown is Happening, and I love that concept. It was conceived by downtown Danbury resident, Ted Kilmer, and I give him major props for bringing excitement and creativity to Danbury.

When I was growing up in Danbury, I loved it when my mom and I would take the bus to downtown, shop, and walk around. I think most people enjoy checking out the sights and tastes and sounds of where they live. But many times, you over look the little things, or you just aren't aware of all that a town has to offer.

Enter the DisH Liv(ing) Walking Tours, which unveil hidden treasures, historic notes, tasty treats, and more. The next adventure is on Saturday, June 24, from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., throughout CityCenter's Main Street business district. Join your host,Ted Killmer, for a walk that will include visual art exhibitions, tastings, an 1852 architectural gem, and a hidden wall mural.

Ted Kilmer had this to say:

It's the DisH. Everywhere one looks, Downtown is Happening, and on any given day, you see and experience new growth, new people, and positive new energy

Growth and energy, the life blood of any vibrant area. Hat's off to you, Ted, and all that is Downtown Danbury.

The Walk is FREE, though tips are welcomed. Reservations are encouraged. Please RSVP to dishliving@gmail.com with your name, the number of people, and a phone contact. A confirmation will let you know where to meet up and what is planned for each particular jaunt. For future dates and detailed information, you can also email dishliving@gmail.com or call (475) 289 3113. As an FYI, all Walk programs are subject to change.

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