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How about a move to CT? Think again, it's not the jelly or the jam. If you're moving here for work, quit your job. If you're moving here for a relationship, break up with that person. OK, maybe not but there are some serious red flags you need to be made aware of by a CT resident (me).

7 Major Red Flags for Anyone Moving to Connecticut

Every place has its Pros and Cons but this is not a PROS/CONS list. This is a list of things that absolutely suck about the Nutmeg State. If you are moving here or considering moving here someone should shoot you straight. Connecticut has some serious red flags. 

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

I'm about to say something you may not quite understand, I love it here for all the things it is, and all that it is not. The food, history, architecture, art, pace of life and the seasons are more important to me than all of the reasons I listed above. Joe Rogan does not quite agree.

P.S. Please don't move here, we don't need anyone.

Inside Bridgeport's Fading Relic: Remington Arms

For over 50 years Remington Arms was one of the most vital companies located in Bridgeport, CT and their facility was monstrous. Today, there is a shell of the Remington Arms factory leftover in Bridgeport. The property is located on Barnum Avenue and it’s become a must-see spot for ghost hunters and fans of abandoned properties. 

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

Dive into the Limelight: 10 Colorful Characters You Can't Miss at Connecticut's Karaoke Nights

Take a dive into the limelight and meet the 10 Colorful Characters You Cannot Miss at Connecticut's Karaoke Nights 

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

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