Going out to dinner with your children, as many parents know, can be a waste of money. Saturday night, we went out, and it did not start out so great.

The baby was starving and fussy, and my son did not like anything on the menu. Then, there was the problem that I am like almost deaf, and the music was too loud. I could not hear a word my wife was saying and that frustrates her to no end.

At one point, I ended up in the car feeding the baby a bottle. My wife then followed me out, where we exchanged general frustrations. To say the least, the evening was not so relaxing at that time, and I was starting to think it might have been a waste, but all that eventually turned around.

I was able to remain patient enough to decide that we didn't have to call it. I got the baby fed, compromised with my son, took a deep breath, and got some booze in my lady. Things all fell into place after that. I guess what I need to remember in the future is to get my kids fed, booze up my woman, and relax.

By the way, we went to Hacienda Don Manuel in Brookfield. Great food, nice ambiance, fair pricing, and the wait staff was patient with my daughter throwing up all over the floor -- you can't put a price on that. I recommend this place strongly. They could turn the Mexican horn section on the radio down just a bit, but overall, a good time.

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