Connecticut Wing Fest 2017 hosted by i95 and Kicks 105.5 was a huge success.

Despite what some local media outlets will tell you, there is someone behind this event, and that is us. Townsquare Media, our parent company, throws this event, and they do an amazing job.

The best part about this event is getting to see all of you, the people. You guys obviously love your wings, your beer, and a good time. The third annual Connecticut Wing Fest was no exception. You all came out in droves to get down on a chicken bone, a few adult beverages, and a laugh.

I'm always blown away by this event. The love and thought that went into our product is crazy. Our radio station staff killed it, but the real mutant love came out of our vendors.

The restaurants that came out brought their "A" game. Everyone came with the highest quality food and intended to be the KING OF THE WING.

I did not see one unhappy face. I saw a metric "F" ton of happy faces, and here are a lot of them in this gallery:

Connecticut Wing Fest 2017: Session 1 Trophy Presentation

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