If you live in Connecticut, chances are you've taken the train into Grand Central Station in New York City because you either work in the city, or you've decided to take the train in to enjoy dinner and a show.

If you have some time to reflect after you've been swept by the crowds walking into Grand Central Station, take the time to stop and look around. Grand Central is not only a fascinating piece of architecture, but it's also a goldmine for history buffs. In case you weren't aware, Grand Central Station refers to the old underground station.

Connecticut also plays an important part in this historical wonder. Walk over to the Station's Information Booth and look straight up where you'll see the grand dame of the terminal, the CLOCK.

Photo by Christopher Alvarenga on Uns
Photo by Christopher Alvarenga on Uns

Who designed this famous clock? According to timesticking.com, Connecticut clockmaker Seth Thomas died in 1859, but his four-faced masterpiece was revealed on February 2nd, 1913—nearly 60 years after Thomas’s death. Every convex shape covering the dial is made from precious opal. This valuable material, combined with the masterful design work, has the clock valued at over $10million!

This ain't just any old clock either. This one is set by the atomic clock in the U.S. Naval Observatory in Bethesda, Maryland and is accurate to within 1 second every 20 billion years!

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The famous "meet me under the clock" phrase is directly associated with "The Grand Central Terminal Clock," according to the website blog.onlineclock.net. The world's most notorious clock has been featured in countless Hollywood movies.

According to a YouTube video by Times Ticking, after reaching a deal to have his 4-faced clock masterpiece displayed in New York City at Grand Central Terminal, Connecticut clockmaker Seth Thomas's world-famous clock debuted on February 2, 1913. So let's wrap up this article with a flashback from 1966 with the Chambers Brothers.

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