You know you always buckle up when you get in your car and so does the person riding shotgun, but starting October 1 in Connecticut, everyone in the vehicle must buckle up.

It's summertime and that means more family road trips. Every single person in your car, including those in the backseats must be strapped in.

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The Connecticut State legislature passed a new law that requires everyone in your car to be wearing seat belts.

The new law that was passed with strong bipartisan support and signed by Governor Ned Lamont on Monday, will take effect on October 1.

Since the law was passed, all the auto groups, like AAA and traffic safety advocates have spoken out and applauded the rear seatbelt measure. Meanwhile, other groups that deal with the aftermath of traffic accidents like first responders, hospital doctors and nurses, and even health departments say it's about time that this type of law was passed and it's expected to save many lives.

Amy Parmenter, an AAA spokesperson told that given the sharp increase in serious and fatal injuries on Connecticut roads last year, this law is a "cause for celebration."

Now when we think of the backseat, we usually think children, but if you take into account car pooling, Ubers, and Lyfts, it's mostly adults who slide into the backseat.

Many other states have had this backseat seatbelt law in effect for some time, but Connecticut lagged behind actually passing it. It's actually somewhat ironic that it took so long since in the mid 80's, Connecticut was one of the first states in the country to enact a front seat belt law.

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