Connecticut nearly lost it's collective mind on Thursday (10/19/23) when rumors hit the web that Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift were in New Canaan.

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Accoording to Page Six that is all it was, rumor. What really happened was:

  • On Thursday afternoon a Taylor Swift fan account claimed Taylor and Travis were dining at a New Canaan eatery.
  • Swifties heard and shared the news.
  • A monstrous crowd gathered outside the restaurant called Elm Street.
  • Fans surrounded the building and the restaurant had to lock the back door.
  • Some of those fans attempted to force their way in.
  • New Canaan's Police & Fire Departments were dispatched to gain some control over the crowd.
  • Elm Street had to shut down it's lunch service.
  • Everyone figured out Taylor and Travis were never there although the restaurant refusesw to confirm or deny.
  • My phone starts blowing up.
  • People want me to write an article about it immediately and put my life on hold.
  • I don't do the article until the following day.
  • I don't publish it until 3 days after the nothing event happened.
  • You opened the article.

Why did all of those things occur? Because we're all officially crazy. The pandemic broke this country in a million pieces and we ain't been right since. Sure, we were off of our nut before but we've never shown more mental instability than we have recently.

Who cares that two young, good-looking celebrities are dating? You do. It's that simple and I cannot say it enough, someone is lying. I keep hearing from people that they don't care but the story keeps dominating my feed. That means a lot of you are saying you don't care, to be cool but you're very much caring. The media doesn't spoonfeed people the same story over-and-over again, unless it works.

Last week I was told several times that I am part of the problem, that I'm somehow keeping the dialogue going but I'm not. My commentary has'nt been about Taylor or Travis, it's been about the huge portion of Americans consuming this material in hiding, under a blanket in their bedroom closet.

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We need to stop pointing fingers, you're a problem!

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P.S. I wish these two crazy kids a long and happy relationship. Whatever distracts Travis Kelce from football is A-OK in my book because I'm a Raiders fan. Homeboy is open all the time, he's open when he gets out of bed in the morning, he's open at the airport and he's ALWAYS open when I desperately need him to be covered.

If I was a football coach in the NFL, scheming for the Chiefs, I would instruct my players to cover him.

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