The best of this, the taste of that, I'm pretty sure CT leads the nation in "best-of" lists.

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Like taxes, there is no shortage of lists and rankings in the Nutmeg State but these are helpful when it's time to decide what to eat. I am of the opinion that people from the Tri-State area are spoiled with good food options. It can be difficult deciding between one good place and another, we want to know who is the best?

Recently I was on the world's #1 website, TikTok and came across such a short list. A Constitution State food reviewer known as Taste Connecticut or @tasteofconnecticut shared three of their favorite bagel spots or what they called "Three CT Gems You Need to Try" the bagel edition.

@tasteconnecticutThree ##Connecticut Gems - Bagels Edition ##DerbyCT ##GlastonburyCT ##SimsburyCT ##ctfood ##ctfoodie ##bagel ##ct ##hartfordct ##newhavenct ##cteats ##bagelshop♬ The Hustle - Van McCoy

The Valley led things off with A.M. Bagel. Taste CT said A.M. offers "10 amazing flavors made from scratch, daily." A.M. Bagel is located at 111 New Haven Avenue in Derby.

Google Instant Street View
Google Instant Street View

A.M. is the storefront on the far left in the plaza above. Their online menu has their flavor offerings that include blueberry, cheddar, cinnamon raisin, everything, French toast, jalapeno cheddar, multigrain, onion, poppy, plain, rye, salt and sesame. They have a variety of spreads, offer sandwiches and do coffee.

I have not been to A.M. but I'm willing to take the word of Taste CT. Here's why, when I look at a menu and see that it's simple, I know I'm in good hands. I don't need an overwhelming amount of options. I don't want the the people cooking for me, making something that has not been ordered in a month, I just want a handful of options I know are made often and with care. Count me in on A.M. and a follow for @tasteconnecticut.

The other two "CT Gems You Need to Try" were "Seed Kitchen & Bagelry" in Glastonbury and "Brookside Bagels" in Simsbury. Congrats to everyone mentioned.

I love lists and ranking and must-have, must-try rundowns. The ranking I most aspire to is the #1 Dad Mandelbaum rating.

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