Do you use deliverIT in Connecticut? Do you even know what it is?

Truth-telling time -- I haven't been in my local library in a very long time. I'm a one-click ebook buyer, and my Kindle app is chock full, but a tremendous amount of people do, indeed, make use of their local library.

There is a service in Connecticut known as deliverIT CT, which is a division of the Connecticut State Library system. This service allows all Connecticut residents equal access to library resources. What deliverIT does, basically, is let you go to your participating library and request materials that might be housed in another library within the state. The requests are then delivered to the library you are using, and then transported back to the originating library, so you don't have to travel all over the state yourself.

It appears to be a fantastic service. That said, one local library wants you to be aware of a temporary shutdown of the service.

According to the Bethel Public Library, the Connecticut State Library announced the suspension of the deliverIT CT book delivery service in order to put new procedures in place. From June 19 until July 17, holds placed by patrons for items belonging to libraries other than Bethel will be affected leading to a long delay in returning materials to owning libraries.

To have the ability to get all types of library resources at you fingertips, easily, is incredibly important to many folks. So here's the heads up that you have to have a little patience with the system while it goes through upgrades  that will enhance the service.

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