If you're a David Letterman fan like myself, jot down January 12 in your TV watching calendar.

David Letterman is back baby! According to an article on businessinsider.com., Letterman kicks off his new Netflix show titled, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman. The show runs only once a month and will be 60 minutes long.

Upcoming guests include George Clooney, Malala Yousafzai, Jay-Z, Tina Fey, Howard Stern, and President Barack Obama. Check out the trailer.

These days Letterman looks like a skinny Santa Claus and seems to be very happy but I've got questions. Will we be treated to 'Stupid Human/Pet Tricks' or perhaps a 'Top Ten List' every so often on his new show?

A portion of Letterman's hour-long interviews will take him out of the studio to various places around the globe. Thankfully we'll still be treated to his brash, facetious, somewhat cynical sense of humor. President Obama helps kick-off Dave's first Netflix show on Friday, Jan.12.


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