According to the NY Post an NYPD crackdown of private garbage trucks yielded scary results. Only 10 of the 142 trucks inspected between October 28th and November 4th will be allowed to go back out on the streets. The infractions included rundown trucks with faulty brakes, poor tire pressure and steering columns that needed to be replaced.

I love New York, I love all of the inherit dangers that come with just strolling around the city, I really do. I just don't wanna die. I really don't want to die by getting hit by a smelly garbage truck. People have died this way, according to the report, 20 deaths have been attributed to these dangerous trucks since 2016 and that number is 20 too many.

"Brakes? Who the hell needs 'em. I know what I'm doing, I have a system, I just start rolling to a stop midway through any given block in the city. By the time I get to the end, I just roll to a stop and start the process all over again." Someone was saying that, I just know it.

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