Danbury does it again! The crime rate in Danbury is down 19% over last year.

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Let's face it, Danbury, Connecticut is friggin' awesome. Go pound sand, John Oliver! While chaos, shootings, and pandemonium envelope some of our country's towns and cities, Danbury rises above the rest.Of course, Danbury's not perfect. No city is. But what I see as I drive Danbury's city streets is respect for each other, respect for law enforcement and the respect given to the citizens of Danbury by its Police Department headed up by Police Chief Patrick Ridenhour. The Chief told the Newstimes it's all about relationships.

We try to develop our relationships in the community so that when we do have a use of force, incidents of misconduct and mistreatment are few and far between. Nobody's perfect, but we continue to try to find that balance.


Crime is tracked in eight major categories. The statistics lag behind one month so crime stats in July 2020 were down 23% in Danbury, compared to July of 2019. A portion of the downturn in crime has been attributed to the effects of COVID-19. The drop in major crime is because of the 30% decrease in thefts.

According to safewise.com, in 2020, Danbury rose from #33 to #18 in their 'Safest Places to Live in Connecticut.' Congratulations to Police Chief Ridenhour along with his entire police force as they continue working alongside Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton to keep the citizens of Danbury safe.


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