What, you ask, is this? Winter has only begun, so how can Danbury be looking to dump it's sand and salt products?

I hate the Winter months. Especially when the weather turns bad. Not only is driving and walking precarious, but the sand and salt that gets dispersed to keep us safer causes such a mess after the fact.

The good news is that back in 2015 the trend among many towns and cities was to ditch sand and go back to using salt products. Salt was long considered damaging to our infrastructure but as times changed, so did the components in the product.

After reading a story in the News Times about Danbury's surplus of sand and snow, I wanted to find out more, so I got in touch with Joe Cavo, President of Danbury's Common Council.

Mr. Cavo told me that Danbury's City Council voted unanimously on Jan. 3 to sell off the big pile of extra sand and salt that is stockpiled after the city changed over to the new system for treating the roads. Cavo said that not only has the salt only snow treatment met cost expectations, there's numerous benefits. Things that a lot of us don't even think about. It's a time and money saver because crews don't have to go out when Winter's over to sweep up all of the sand, as well as vacuum out all of the storm drains that have filled up with the muck. When you factor in the costs of clean up, the new salt treatment makes sense.

Cavo said even the schools are happier because tons of sand isn't being tracked in.

So if you, or someone you know is a contractor in the snow cleaning business, this score could be big. Danbury will unload to the highest bidder, whether contractor or even a municipality that still uses the mixture. You can call the Danbury Purchasing Department at 203 - 797 - 4571 for info.

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