Dirt bike riders are taunting the police and driving unlawfully on Danbury streets, and it's only a matter of time before someone or more gets badly injured. But, of course, I'm talking about the idiots who drive up and down Danbury streets seeking attention while laughing at the police and doing wheelies.

Danbury officials hope to impose $1,000 fines and seize the off-road cycles of those who insist on riding them dangerously and unlawfully on downtown Danbury streets. But Danbury isn't the only city dealing with this issue. Check out this video where the same thing is happening in West Hartford.

Here's the problem. Police in Connecticut cannot chase drivers on dirt bikes, and the drivers know that.  So when I spoke with Danbury Mayor Joe Cavo on Sunday, he told me there's a good chance someone will eventually be injured, whether it be the riders or residents or an individual in the crosswalk, not to mention the noise these things make.

According to Mayor Cavo, city leaders are currently working on a solution much like New Havens. Police can fine an off-road rider $1,000 for the first offense without warning and then impound the bike.

I watched dozens of YouTube videos and quickly found out that Danbury is not the only city with this issue. Our city pales compared to dirt bike riders in significant cities cruising city streets by the hundreds going way too fast as they weave in and out of traffic.

You'll find these "professionals" riding in cities like Miami, Daytona Beach, Philadelphia, Chicago, and even in New York City, where hundreds of bikers congregate, causing cars to pull off the road to avoid a serious accident. From all the videos I watched, my favorite was this next one from an episode of Inside Edition dated October 22, 2018. Is it just me, or is Deborah Norville's blouse....just wrong?


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