According to the News Times, Art Hopkins of Danbury is one of about 3,000 Red Cross Volunteers from the Northeast heading south to assist with the upcoming Hurricane. As South Carolina residents evacuate ahead of Hurricane Florence, volunteers are heading into danger.

The report states that Art Hopkins will be a shelter supervisor in Columbia, SC, an area that meteorologists think will take the storm head on. The Red Cross is expected to need more volunteers in the coming days. The best estimates at the moment are that Florence will make landfall sometime on Thursday.

If you are interested in being a disaster relief volunteer you can register here. 

Good for Art Hopkins for leaving the comforts of home to head into danger and help others. Good for the thousands of volunteers from the Northeast for doing the same. It's brave and honorable to help out in this way.

I'm never surprised to read about the giving nature of the people in this area. Every time our radio station partners up on a charity effort we see the people of Greater Danbury give, volunteer and work for others. It's a truly great place to live, loaded with great people.

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