A message of appreciation to essential workers was marred by a vandal, or vandals with a message of their own.

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The original sign was posted at the bottom of Old Hayrake Road in Danbury and it read:

"Thank You Nurses Doctors Essential Team God Bless"

That sign was spray painted over with a note that says:

"You're Fired Thx Jo"

Lou Milano
Lou Milano

The pictures were sent to me this morning by a Danbury resident that lives on Old Hayrake Road who told me the "You're Fired Thx Jo" sign first appeared on a separate sign in the same area "the other day."

They said a neighbor removed it and someone returned and sprayed the message on top of the essential workers sign. Neighbors have not removed the graffiti sign "yet" according to the Hayrake resident who called the graffiti artist/artists "A-Holes."

What Joe? And, they spelled it "Jo" which is even more confusing. Joe Biden? Joe Cavo? Joe the Plumber? Joe Theismann? Joe Piscopo?

Lou Milano
Lou Milano

Look, if you want to send a message that lands, the first thing you need to concern yourself with is clarity. Before you grab a spray can, ask yourself, will people even know who I am talking about? Even though the safe money is on Joe Biden we can't know for sure.

Here is my offer, if you are the person behind the graffiti, get in touch with me and we will setup a time for you to come on my show (The Ethan and Lou Show) and you can explain to our audience which Joe you hate.

You can also explain why you think your message is so important that it needs to be sprayed over the top of an appreciative one. I'd love to know why this person believes their opinion is more important than a message of gratitude to our nurses and doctors.

Here is a short list of Jo's who spell their name "Jo":

  • Comedian Jo Koy

That's it, that is the list but he's really funny. I love Jo Koy and he's been on the Ethan and Lou Show multiple times but sadly we never published any of his interviews to Youtube like we usually do so here is some of his stand-up material.

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