Is this what happens when a 'Dollar Store' grows up? Welcome to the North Street Shopping Center's new specialty discount store, 'Five Below.' The location used to house a 'Rite Aid' over the last 10 years before it closed for good, according to a NewsTimes article.

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Renovations have already begun on this 10,671-square-foot building, and Michael Sarasin from Northeast Retail told the NewsTimes they're looking at three to four months before the new specialty store will be ready to open.

The other 'Five Below' store is located in Danbury Square shopping center on Backus Avenue. I can't say I've ever experienced a 'Five Below' only because I'm not a shopping-type person, so for this article, I took a deep dive into their website at

What I discovered was mind-blowing! I found out you can actually purchase a Bluetooth speaker for only $10 or a Bluetooth Karaoke Party Single Speaker for only $10. Of course, the sound quality most likely won't satisfy the grownups in your family, but it could be a perfect gift for a 5 to 10-year-old. Imagine your 5-year-old crankin' up the karaoke speaker to full blast while singing along to Ariana Grande's 'Positions' on Christmas morning. It's pure Xmas magic.

Five Below' is also ideal for a grab-bag or Secret Santa gifts. We all know how much your pet loves it when you dress them up for Christmas! These adorable comfy outfits are only $3. Don't you ever wonder what your dog is really thinking when you put a Santa hat on his furry little head?

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