A breakthrough has been discovered for early detection of two 'silent killer' cancers.

According to an article in the Danbury Patch, Dr. John Martignetti and his collaborators have discovered a breakthrough approach that can disclose tumor DNA at the molecular level in both ovarian and endometrial cancer. What does that mean? The approach is in the form of a urine test that can detect the early signs of the two cancers up to ten months before they would appear on a microscopic level.

Before Dr. Martignetti and his team at The Rudy L. Ruggles Biomedical Research Institute at the Western Connecticut Health Network discovered this breakthrough, doctors had to wait until their patients began showing symptoms which in many cases a hysterectomy was the only solution.

With the research team's discovery of the urine test, many women would be able to avoid having the hysterectomy procedure because of early detection of the tumor's DNA. There's still more work to be done but the results are extremely encouraging. Interested in checking out the entire case study, click on this link.  




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