They call themselves, 'The League of Extraordinary Roboticists' and they've been invited to the big leagues, the very first Robotics World Championships.

According to, these bright motivated students from the greater Danbury area and New York State will compete at The FIRST Robotics World Championships in St. Louis from April 26 through April 29, but they need some financial help. According to team coach, Ellen Bell,

"This sport gives these students skills that this country needs. The United States of America is behind in technology and unfortunately we have people coming over, so our kids need to get up to that level."

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Believe it or not some of the team's minority students have been told they shouldn't be competing. Girls have been told that, "Girls can't do robotics." Some of the African American team members have been told they shouldn't be involved in robotics, they should be playing basketball and football. I simply cannot wrap my head around how in the year 2017 groups of people still feel that because someone is not a white American, they should not to be treated with the same respect and be afforded the same rights.

If you'd like to help these middle and high school students, the team's gofundme page will go towards airfare, hotels, team uniforms, and robotics equipment. To read more about the team or contribute to their cause, click here.

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