The Marcus Dairy parking lot in Danbury, CT was the destination for bikers throughout the Tri-State area for many years on Sunday mornings.

Around here, we all know the name of the former gathering called "Super Sunday" and many of us have been there many times. Even if you were not a frequent visitor, you went at least once.

My dad used to take me to this event when I was a kid on the back of his Harley-Davidson  "Fat Boy." The event  was around for so long that I did one of my first live events for i95 from the the event. It was always as that first man put it, "Good time."

Although the formal gathering is long gone, bikers still descend on the area where it all used to take place. One of those bikers is Carl of Motorcycling With Carl on Youtube, and even a pandemic wouldn't stop him from making the ride on a recent Sunday morning in May.

Carl described his video of his Danbury ride back in May as "a motovlog riding up to Panera Bread on Sunday mornings, where motorcyclists meet up and hang out in Danbury, CT. Check out his video blog:

Those Sunday gatherings became so popular, the event once got the MTV treatment and an introduction from Kurt Loder himself. First dude on camera says it all, "Good time.":

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