Some more crack cocaine, and people police believe to be traffickers of said narcotic, are off the streets today in Danbury.

Late last week (October 5), the Danbury Police Department's Special Investigation Division (SID) obtained search and seizure warrants for 27-year-old Sara Sasso, 37-year-old Hennessy Taveras, and a residence located at 33 Belmont Cir. in Danbury. The warrants were issued because a weeks-long investigation, which indicated that Sasso and Taveras were sellings drugs both within the apartment and at various locations in the Danbury area.

While they were conducting surveillance of the Belmont Cir. apartment, officers say they spotted Taveras and Sasso leave to meet 33-year-old Jennifer Turlay. Once the suspected drug deal was over, officers allowed the three to separate before stopping them all a short time later. From there, police say that all three of the parties mentioned were found to be in possession of illegal drugs and placed under arrest. Subsequently, the Belmont Cir. apartment was also searched, turning up more narcotics and evidence consistent with drug trafficking.

Among other drug related charges, both Sara Sasso and Hennessy Taveras have been charged with possession of crack cocaine with intent to sell and each held on $50,000 bonds. Jennifer Turlay was charged with possession of a controlled substance and released on a promise to appear.

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