The Danbury Police Department has been engaged in a long-term collaborative investigation into drug sales and trafficking in the Hat City.

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Detectives from Danbury PD's Special Investigations Division have been collaborating with Drug Enforcement Agents (DEA) in an effort to get drugs off the street. Authorities say they had a victory on Thuraday (6/16/22) when they arrested Joel Albarran of 95 Wooster Street.

Albarran was already known to local authorities as a convicted drug dealer and then showed up as a target of this recent investigation. According to a press release from Danbury PD,

SID/DEA approached Albarran as he pulled into his residence at around 11:15 am on Wednesday (6/16/22) and executed searches of his person and vehicle with warrants in hand.

They also had a warrant for his home on Wooster Street, after executing that search, authorities say they found "approximately 30 grams of crack, over 100 grams of cocaine, pills and over 500 bags of fentanyl." Further digging turned up "a 357. Magnum handgun, a Kel-Tec rifle, a loaded sawed-off shotgun, and a loaded 9mm ghost gun." Police seized the guns, drugs and $4885.00 in cash that is believed to be ill-gotten gains.

Danbury Police Say They Busted Repeat Criminal Busted With Drugs, Guns + Cash

Danbury Police arrested Joel Albarran on Thursday (6/16/22) and say they found illegal drugs, guns and cash after a search. Albarran's bond was set at $250,000 and he faces the following charges:
Danbury Police Department
Danbury Police Department

The press release was prepared by by Detective Sergeant John Krupinsky of the Danbury Police Dept’s Special Investigations Division.

This is disturbing to me, I can't say I'm feeling great about this much drug and gun activity is going on in my neighborhood. I joke about participating in vigilante activities in Danbury but maybe it's time to march up and down the streets with other concerned citizens and pull some Guardian Angels like rotations, patrolling the neighborhood. You gotta let them know you're there.

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