Earlier in the week, an article in the CT Post caught my attention about potential city regulations that will impact Danbury tattoo shops. I have tattoos, I like tattoos, I got all of my tattoos in Danbury, and I have a close friend who owns a shop in Danbury that feeds his family.

If the ordinance is passed, the local tattoo shops would need to pay for an as-yet undetermined fee each year to acquire a license with the city. This would all be in addition to the license they are already required to get through the State of Connecticut.

It sounds to me like the city is under some obligation to follow suit with what the State is saying they want. This is all well and good but the State already regulates this industry, requires owners to have a license and pay for that license. Now the state is saying we need more regulation on a local level. If it is, as it appears, a State initiative, it's a double dip.

This friend of mine, is a real business man, extremely professional and runs a clean, safe shop. He takes his business very seriously, not just the artistic end, not just the craft but the business. This is the man's livelihood, it's not a hobby, it is literally how he pays his bills.

We had Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton on this morning in his regular weekly spot and asked him about this situation.

I'm all for the City of Danbury and the State of Connecticut inspecting the local tattoo shops to ensure safety. I happen to know the local shop owners would welcome it. Inspectors will find that Danbury is in good hands. Small business people are constantly taking the brunt of the financial misdeeds/urges of their municipalities, State Government's and the Federal Government. Inspect away, if that is what it's about. If it's about money again, go scratch ass.

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