According to a press release from the Danbury Police Department, officers arrested two people from Nabby Rd. yesterday afternoon.

Danbury Police say they had an ongoing investigation into the female suspect for alleged drug sales. That investigation, according to authorities, produced enough evidence to secure search warrants on both her vehicle and her apartment.

Police say they spotted the woman in the drive-thru lane of a local fast food restaurant in her vehicle. They stopped her, presented her with the warrant, and performed a search of her 2005 Mazda3. Authorities say that search turned up illegal drugs and she was taken into custody.

The press release then states police officers went to her apartment on Nabby Rd. to execute the search of her residence. Officers report at the apartment they encountered a man allegedly associated with the woman. A search of the apartment took place, which turned up illegal drugs cops say. He was also arrested and taken into custody.

Both Danbury residents have been charged with a variety of drug related charges. The male was released on a promise to appear in court, while the woman remains in custody on a cash bond pending arraignment or the posting of bond.

I should not be judgemental -- I have a past and have some bats in the belfry, but, c'mon! You gotta feel that heat. The heat of an ongoing investigation in a small city like Danbury has got to give you a chemical burn.

You can't jump in the Mazda with a butt load of drugs, and hit up the Wendy's for a Spicy Asiago Club. You gotta know that is not a bright idea. The hustle is called "the hustle" for a reason -- you gotta keep it moving like a ghost ninja.

P.S. #1 - Police did not mention the specific types of drugs turned up in the two searches, but the safe money is on Coke -- get it?

P.S. #2 - The woman's mugshot is a heavy favorite in the Kentucky Derby of local crime photos. You're putting down a grand on that Philly just to make a hundred dollars.

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